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Costus Pictus Juice

(Spiral ginger / Insulin plant)

Herbal Sugar Controller


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Insulin plant Leaf Tea (Insulas)

Insulin Plant tea contains the herbal ingredients named Costus Pictus, Green tea grade 1 Hyesh fanning, Gymnema, Giloy, Avaram chenna, stevia and cinnamon.

We have the following certificates : i.e

right-learrow  Clinical Trail report from reputed Institute of pharmacy in pdf

right-learrow  Lab Analysis report for Nutrients in pdf

right-learrow  Lab Analysis report for Metal in pdf

right-learrow  Lab Analysis report for Toxicology (pesticide) in pdf

right-learrow  MSME certificate

right-learrow  Fssai Licence (Food safety & security authority of India ) in pdf


Instruction to use :

Take 2 gm tea and boil it in 120 ml water for 5 mts and prepare it like black tea without sugar and milk. Filter and drink at comfortable heat  at your end.

Take two  or three cup of tea daily, in the morning /Evening and night.

user can take sugar test report after 60 days for Type 2 and 120 days for Type 1 and make your own judgment or consult your physician to choose over the continuity of other medicine/injection at your end, since sugar test report.The test won’t lie and always go for the HBA1c report.

Where to Buy ?

Individual users  can buy online at order page.

Trade enquiry welcome for Distributorship on our brand (Insulas)  across major cities/towns in India. Min investment Rs. 25,000/-

Also  enquiry welcome to repack and sell under their own brand name/label/price at buyers end.

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This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure diabetic but provides palliative care to control sugar level & as well as comfort level being herbal food supplementary to diabetics. It helps to control the blood sugar and ideal to those in preliminary level/type 2. It helps to Type 1 diabetic also after continuous use of tea for 4 months and above @ 3 cups day. It can be consumed as a preventive measure for those who have diabetics running in their family. The results may vary from one individual to another, depending on age/food habits/chronic disease/time factor..


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