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Insulin Leaf juice

Insulin leaf juice is an ultimate and proven product in controlling sugar level in 25/45 days to diabetes 2 and diabetes type 1 respectively.
See testimonial page for proof.
Insulin leaf Juice
Dosage & General Instructions :

right-learrow User should consume @ 5ml, twice a day.

right-learrow Shake well before use.

right-learrow Store in cool, dark, dry & hygienic place

right-learrow Keep container tightly closed after use

right-learrowConsume within one month after opening the pack

right-learrow Don’t purchase or consume if pack is leaked or puffed

right-learrow User can reduce tablet, injection in equal 2 to 4 installment, on every 10 days and thereafter, stop it in toto based on sugar test report and body comfort level and as well as your family physician guidance.

Nutrition Supplement Fact – Lab Test Report.

COA (Certification of Analysis) on juice will be sent to bulk buyers, on request.


Costus Pictus Leaf Juice is not recommended for pregnant or Lactating women. This product may vary in color and consistency. It does not affect the quality of the product. Sedimentation may occur due to natural fiber.

Insulin powder pure

Insulin powder pure is suitable to Pharma/Siddha & Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing companies for manufacturing
capsules/tablets etc with their own formulation, by converting into solvent method extraction.


User has to prepare it like black tea by adding 2gm apprx in 150 ml water and boil it for 5 minutes.
Then filter and drink the decoction at your comfortable heat.

Dosage :

User should take two times a day in the morning at empty stomach and evening once before dinner, for 45 days
and thereafter once in the morning is enough.

Type 2 (Tablet dependant) diabetes will get control over sugar level in 45 days
Type 1 (Insulin injection dependant). diabetes will get control over sugar level in 90 days.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) report will be sent on demand, to bulk buyers only.

Anti Diabetic Tea

Insulin Plant tea contains the herbal ingredients named Costus Pictus, Green tea grade 1 Hyesh fanning, Gymnema, Giloy, Avaram chenna, stevia and cinnamon.

right-learrow Clinical Trail report from reputed Institute of pharmacy in PDF

right-learrow Lab Analysis report for Nutrients in PDF

right-learrow Lab Analysis report for Metal in PDF

right-learrow Lab Analysis report for Toxicology (pesticide) in PDF

right-learrow MSME certificate

right-learrow FSSAI License (Food safety & security authority of India ) in PDF

Prepare it like black tea without milk and sugar and drink 3 or 4 cup of tea daily.

It is suitable for pre diabetes/ Border stage/prevention/Tea lovers.
Suitable for FMCG distributors.

Insulin leaves (Dried)

Suitable for Siddha/Ayurveda medicine practitioners /Research Students.
The sale is with in India only.