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Costus Pictus Juice

(Spiral ginger / Insulin plant)

Herbal Sugar Controller


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Online buyers (voluntarily) will get 400ml free on uploading their sugar test report and order no, in the form shown below.

Buyers are suggested to take sugar test report (without taking any medicine/injection in the past 24 hours) before start consuming Juice product, within 10 days from the date of receipt of product at your end.

Similarly sugar test report to be taken after 45 to 50 days on consuming juice product, from the date of  earlier sugar report.

This offer is valid to online buyers (within India) only with limited time offer.

    S.NoNameCityBefore DateSugar Report (Before)After DateSugar Report (After 45 Days)
    1Mr. Ganesh NagarajKolkata07-02-202110-05-2021
    2Mr. HARI OM KUMAR RASTOGIChennai26-09-202013-11-2020
    3Mr. KrishnamachariChennai18-09-202021-10-2020
    4Mrs. N SunandaniHyderabad18-01-202007-02-2020
    5Mr. Sanjoy RoyKolkata17-11-201903-01-2020
    6Mr. J GhoshKolkata10-09-201928-10-2019
    7Mrs. malligaChennai07-05-201905-11-2019
    8Mr. Rama BrahmamGunturu27-07-201904-09-2019
    9Dr. Uday MenonNazhik22-03-201914-08-2019
    10Mr. Vihaan GoyalHaryana05-05-201908-09-2019
    11Mr. Harshad VoraMumbai29-06-201907-09-2019
    12Mrs. Aabha AgrwalChennai02-03-201924-06-2019
    13Mrs. Uma SitaramanDelhi16-02-201928-04-2019
    14Mr. GurumurthyChennai12-11-201812-01-2019
    15Mrs. RajalakshmiChennai12-11-201812-01-2019
    16Mr. SwaminathanChennai12-11-201812-01-2019