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Costus Pictus Juice

(Spiral ginger / Insulin plant)

Herbal Sugar Controller


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Insulin Plant Leaves (Dried)

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We organically grow Insulin spinach by spraying organic manure called waste de-composer, which is technically developed by National Centre of Organic Farming (Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of India).

At Nethra Organic Farm, we think everyone should be able to enjoy the very best remedy and benefit on nature’s gift of Costus Pictus (Insulin plant or spiral ginger) medicinal plant which gives palliative care in controlling sugar level to Diabetics, as Natural herbal sugar controller without any side effects.


Take 150 ml water and put the leaves (3 g approx) in and boil it for 6 to 7 minutes. Add pinch of cumin seeds (seeragam) while boiling it, filter and drink twice a day.

Take 2 or 3 times a day to get good result over control of sugar level.


Individuals will start getting good results over control of sugar levels in 25 to 45 days to Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes respectively. You may reduce the tablet / insulin injection intake gradually in 2 or 3 installments between the next 20 to 45 days based on your sugar test report.

You can get relief from other medicines based on your sugar test report after 45 days and as well as your own judgment based on your body comfort level.

Insulin plant leaves fresh (Spinach)

We can supply insulin plant leaves fresh for manufacturing Anti diabetic syrup, to within India and overseas. Minimum order should be 100 kg and above send your enquiry to

Its Benefits :

right-learrow Insulin plant fresh leaves helps in controlling sugar level as Natural sugar controller

right-learrow  It helps to metabolize blood sugar, without any side effect.

right-learrow  It helps in stimulating the secretion of insulin to balance blood sugar in maintaining

right-learrow  It helps to maintain glucose level and as well as helps in suppressing sugar out in urine.

right-learrow  It helps as outstanding blood purifier and as well as in maintaining good and clear skin.

right-learrow  It helps to de-worm infestations and in evading parasitic attack.

right-learrow  It helps to excites pancreas, spleen and liver and helps in admirable absorption of food.

right-learrow  It stimulates the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin.

right-learrow  It helps a lot in giving palliative care to PCOD, Uterine Fibroid and regulates the menstrual periods of women.

right-learrow  It helps to give natural relief for asthma, bronchitis and severe cough.

Visit and see the Analysis report over Costus Pictus (insulin plant fresh leaves) leaves benefits at_

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Its names in different language is as :

Botanical name :
Costus Pictus
Assamese :
jom Lakhuti
Sanskrit :
English :
Spiral Ginger
Tamil :
Gujarati :
Telugu :
Hindi :
Kebu or kevu or keukand
Malayalam :
Insulin Chadi
Bengali :
kemuk or keumul
Marati :
Kannada :

Insulin keerai

Insulin Powder Pure

Insulin Powder


Insulin Plant Leaf Tea

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