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Costus Pictus Juice

(Spiral ginger / Insulin plant)

Herbal Sugar Controller


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Insulas Churn (Herbal Mixture)

Insulas, an herbal mixture prepared from (Costus Pictus) Insulin plants dry
leaves blended with other herbs namely , Gymnema, Giloy, Avaram chenna, and cinnamon
It is owner own proprietary blend which is effective in controlling & maintaining sugar level.

Preparation & Dosage : It is similar to Insulin Powder Pure. (See at Insulin Power Pure Page)

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Its Benefits:

right-learrow  Insulas (insulin powder) is a genuine & organic herbal powder to control sugar level/relief and is a natural herbal way to metabolize blood sugar, without any side effect.

right-learrow  Insulas helps in stimulating the secretion of insulin to balance blood sugar in maintaining normal glucose level and also helps in suppressing sugar out flow in urine.

right-learrow  Insulas is an outstanding blood purifier and helps in maintaining good and clear skin.

right-learrow  Insulas bitter taste helps to de-worm infestations and in evading parasitic attack. It excites pancreas, spleen and liver and helps in admirable absorption of food.

right-learrow  Insulas has a therapeutic value in diabetics. and it stimulates the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin.

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This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure diabetic but provides palliative care to control sugar level & as well as comfort level being herbal food supplementary to diabetics. It helps to control the blood sugar and ideal to those in preliminary level/type 2. It helps to Type 1 diabetic also after continuous use of tea for 4 months and above @ 2 times a day. It can be consumed as a preventive measure for those who have diabetics running in their family.The results may vary from one individual to another, depending on age/food habits/chronic disease/time factor..

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Insulin keerai

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