Terminalia chebula (Chebulic Myrobalan) - insulinkeerai

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Terminalia chebula (Chebulic Myrobalan)






Botanical Name : Terminalia Chebula
English Name : Chebulic Myrobalan
Tamil Name : கடுக்காய் / kadukai
Hindi Name : हर्रा, हरड़ / Harra / Harad

Internal Benefits of Kadukai Thodu (Chebulic Myrobalan):-
• Helpful cure in Headache, • Enhance Digestive power,• Treats Bleeding Piles,• Aids in Elephantiasis,• Cleanses the body,• Improves Immunity,• Treatment for Jaundice• Removes Constipation• Cures Dermatoses

External Benefits of Kadukai Thodu (Chebulic Myrobalan):-
• Treats Migraine pain,• Removes Tooth infection,• Eye disorders,• Helpful cure in Headache• Treats Urinary disorders,• Heal Wounds soon,• Heals boils faster

Usage: We supply in the form of whole and as well as in powder, according to buyers requirement as basic raw material to manufacture in the form of oil, capsules, tablets, own proprietary blend as herbal dietary supplementary/ Nutraceutical product by the herbal product manufacture

Morning – Mix 5 gms of powder in 100 ml water, Boil the content for a few minutes. once the water gets warm, filter the content and drink it before food. Repeat the same for Evening Dosage after dinner.

Certificate: We provide FSSAI, ISO, Phytosanitary certificate from Plant Quarantine Department along with the invoice, packing slip, bill of lading documents.

Other certificates like organic/GMP/ Kosher, Halal, etc., are not available since we procure the product traditionally from Farmers, wholesalers, Shandy time to time based on season, ground realities, etc.,

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or FSSAI. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.